About Engage
ENGAGE is an energy usage behavior study at UCLA. It is among the largest behavioral studies in energy conservation in the U.S.
ENGAGE investigates how real-time energy consumption feedback can be used as an effective tool for energy conservation. It applies insights from behavioral science to design optimal interventions for changing energy use behavior.

During the winter of 2012, residents at UCLA’s University Village Apartments on Sawtelle and Sepulveda signed up to have their apartments outfitted with a system to measure their electricity usage. This spring, participants are receiving summary and real-time information of their energy use, savings tips, and full support at no cost.

Here are some benefits to participants:
  • Gain access to real-time information aboutyour energy usage
  • Learn about (and even experiment with) the energy use of individual appliances, lights, and heating and cooling
  • Receive feedback on your energy use performance
  • Learn about ways to reduce your electricity bill
  • Help both your wallet and the environment!
Want more information about the study? Check out the general information sheet and our informational flyer.