ENGAGE investigates how real-time energy consumption feedback can be used as an effective tool for energy conservation. It applies insights from behavioral science to design optimal interventions for changing energy use behavior. It is among the largest behavioral experiments in energy conservation in the United States. CLICK HERE FOR OUR INFORMATIONAL FLYER
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ENGAGE develops novel methods to encourage consumers to conserve energy

A real world energy behavior lab

With funding from the California Air Resource Board and the National Science Foundation, ENGAGE has equipped 120 apartments at the University Of California, Los Angeles with appliance level electric metering to experiment with real-time information displays. ENGAGE frames energy consumption feedback to optimize the psychological motivation to reduce energy use.

Detailed, real-time information

ENGAGE measures energy use in exceptional detail to provide real-time, appliance level usage data.

Targeted consumer messaging

Different households have different reasons to conserve. For example, families with children are most motivated by health issues. ENGAGE develops messages targeted for different populations.

Comprehensive analytics

ENGAGE generates detailed consumer energy behavior data, website usage and demographic data to provide effective energy feedback to consumers.